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I ordered a bedroom set that was suppose to be delivered 2-15-15 and the mirror that was delivered was cracked. (no big deal).

I figure they would schedule me another deliver date and that would be it. (WRONG). 3 days to by and no phone call. I call Galleria to let them know the problem and they say they will find out whats going on and call me back.

Another 3 days go back and I get no phone call, so I call them back. I tell them by problem again and the person I spoke with the first time did not note the acct that I called, which means no delivery date was scheduled. I speak with Becky and she tells me she will get someone out. They delivery person comes out with the mirror and ATTEMPTS to put the mirror together and he has NONE of the hardware to put it together, because it was noted.

He leaves and tells me I have to call AGAIN to schedule another delivery. At the point Becky slightly has an attitude with me and slips up and says they are almost 6 months behind in deliveries). I call and speak with Karen this time who says she could have someone come out the following day. Its almost noon and no one has called and confirm they would be out to deliver, so I call once again to see whats going on.

I speak with Becky again and she is trying to give me ANOTHER mirror. I keep telling her I have the mirror now, they need to have someone with the hardware to put it together come out. She says she will have someone come out and fix it. I have also left messages for the general manager to contact me (which he does not return phone calls, I'm guessing his voice mail is full from 6 months worth of angry consumers)So anyway 5,o'clock rolls around and Becky calls asking if I'm at home.

I tell her I have been at home all day waiting on someone to come out. She said the person who was coming out (Gary) says he has been calling me and I haven't answered. (mind you I have no missed calls, or voice mails). She again says she will call me back, which she did is now (Feb 27,2015) and I have not gotten a phone call or my mirror mounted to my dresser.

I called today and spoke with Karen again and she says Becky will not be in the office until noon and needs to see what she needs to do. Even after I have told her what needs to be done.

(Schedule someone to come out and finish the job that I paid for). This was my first time ordering anything from this company and they have made this a living *** and I they will never get my business again.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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